Why do you make art?


Now that's a BIG question. Someone asked me that the other day and I was totally caught off guard. I probably gave some lame awkward answer that didn't give my art any justice so I am here to try again.

For me, creating art is just part of who I am and who I have always been. I definitely see being an artist as part of my identity from a young age, but I never felt fully confident calling myself that until more recently. In 2019, artist is a powerful word I am glad to associate myself with.

Creating something from scratch really gets me excited. New art projects call to me, it's my little escape from the outside world where I can just be with my art in the moment and get in the flow. As cheesy as it sounds, it really is and always was my happy place. I'm sure other creatives feel the same.

Growing up with an artistic mom who originally studied fashion design, but was an all round creative person, I was inspired from a very young age to create. Arts and crafts were my favourite. Funnily enough I was painting murals in my sister's bedroom and my own before I even knew they were called murals. And my parents let me do this without hesitation. Wild. I was extremely lucky to grow up in a family that supported my passion for visual arts. I am now fully aware how rare and fortunate that is and I am forever grateful. Side note: my mom continues to be my art and design consultant whose opinion is invaluable to my work.

Going forward I am open to where my artistic curiosities take me. Currently I am all over the place, doing custom calligraphy, exploring chalkboard lettering, doing wedding mirrors, painting murals, creating hand lettering pieces, designing music album covers, logos etcetera etcetera. But I love this versatility as each day is different. I used to only make art for myself and art projects for school. But recently I am getting into the world of public art and creating art for the benefit of other people which is so rewarding and special. The thought that leaving my mark either on the city's walls or in people's memories warms my heart.

Side note: make friends with people who ask deep questions like my super talented and new friend Anya Mielniczek