art direction & print design

Camino Systems is a flooring company that wanted to showcase their authority in the industry while educating their target customers about the benefits of their cutting edge services. The goal was to elevate the brand to make Camino and flooring in general more sophisticated. Their mission of “Raising Flooring Standards” needed to be translated clearly and visually across all print and web material.

Camino-main brochure-mockup-01.png

Strategy, redesign, and brand consultation

A complete rebrand and a new visual language was designed and developed to make Camino a more distinguished brand. Product photography was art directed and taken to match our vision and provide consistency across all material, web and print. A bold and fresh new website reflected this contemporary look and feel, along with the creation of 20 custom icons, and 29 print pieces that included 1 main brochure, 6 product brochures, 6 vertical brochures, and 16 data sheets for informational purposes. In the end, we definitely learned a lot about Camino’s world of flooring.

Camino icons-01.png

ICONOGRAPHY & colour palette

Because of all the technical information that needed to be explained carefully and clearly, we decided to create a unique set of custom icons that were inspired by the Camino logo itself. Whether we were designing the main brochure or the data sheets, these elements were implemented to provide structure and maintain a visual consistency throughout. A thoughtful colour palette was also developed to allow for product differentiation in the many print materials and on the website.

colour rationale-01.png
Vertical brochure and data sheet.png

Bringing the visual language to life in web form made this flooring company stand out in the industry and otherwise. (see it for yourself) A bold and dynamic design approach with colourfully treated photography helped to showcase the great spaces that Camino built. Bold worded statements were paired with dramatic angled photography for maximum impact. The Camino website was designed and developed by Abhishek Chaudhry

Vertical brochure and data sheet2.png