The Most Amazing Creative | Client: Clark Stanley Inc. | July 2018 | ~15' x 6' | Vinyl Print

I designed, drew, and hand lettered this ornate Victorian/Western custom piece to represent the company’s tagline and unique visual aesthetic. In order to vectorize the artwork for the large scale of the wall, I digitally traced every single detail of the original drawing using Illustrator.


Check out this awesome timelapse video of the mural installation, which was printed and installed by the helpful team at Arc Solutions. This mural piece was printed on vinyl in four panels and then applied like a big sticker.


Toronto Collage | Client: The DMZ | fall 2018 | ~5' x 8' | Acrylic Paint

This custom mural was made to showcase some of Toronto's famous landmarks, sports teams, and neighbourhoods for the common space of the DMZ, Ryerson University’s tech incubator. My goal was to bring in the energy of the city to create something visually interesting with intertwining elements and intricate details so the visitors and/or staff would always see something new.

JP-DMZ Mural-final3.jpg
JP-DMZ Mural-final2.jpg


Monet Meets Mucha | Client: Personal Project | Fall 2016 | ~6' x 6' | Exterior Acrylic Paint

I painted this vibrant mural on my own porch as an end-of-summer activity and homage to my favourite artists and art movements. The larger canvas was something different and exciting for me to get out of my comfort zone, challenge myself, and paint on an imperfect surface. Bringing colour and life to my neighbourhood was also something I thoroughly enjoyed, along with the unexpected interactions with people passing by for a smile, a chat or even a compliment. Engaging with a community through the creation of an art piece was such a magical experience for me that has me hooked on murals ever since!

JP-Porch Mural-detail.jpg