I am a Multidisciplinary Artist and Designer, forever exploring on my creative journey.

Headshot by  Amanda Soriano

Headshot by Amanda Soriano

Hello sunshine!

By day I work as an Art Director and Graphic Designer at a creative agency downtown. And by night, (and on weekends) I transform into a Hand Letterer, Muralist, and most recently a Calligrapher.

Born, raised, and living in Toronto, I have always been passionate about visual arts. With a Bachelor of Design from OCAD University, I graduated in 2013 and entered into the design world with the majority of my work being digital. Due to a strong desire to create with my hands again in the last few years, I’ve returned to the traditional art of drawing and painting. Bringing this handmade feel and human touch back into my work makes it that much more memorable and unique.

Whether it is designing custom wedding invitations, hand lettering for a movie title, or painting my porch for fun, I love to bring a feel-good energy to a space and unique charm to my work. 

In the rare time that I am not creating…

You can find me doing hot yoga, covering every inch of my house with art (mine or admired artists) or cooking up a vegetarian storm.

I can also be found on the hunt for the best chai latte in town. (Currently my favourite is from a small cafe called Field Trip.)