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some kind words

I can’t say enough nice things about Julia. She was the Art Director at the ad agency where I was the Director of Accounts, so we worked together quite closely for over two years. We had countless late nights, challenging resource constraints and impossible deadlines, and through it all, I could always count on her to not only deliver incredible work, but to do it bright-eyed and in a way that lit up any room. Julia is intelligent, thorough, immensely inspired and an absolute joy to have around.
— Diana Romanovsky, previous coworker at Clark Stanley
Talking about Julia is talking about high efficiency, creativity and teamwork. During the two years that we worked together, Julia developed the best visual concepts for Power yet, raising brand standards and keeping the consistency of our visual communications. She always made sure she incorporated everyone’s ideas into her designs and was always willing to adapt to new changes. Truly caring about others, excellent organization skills and a contagious positive attitude make Julia a natural leader in any environment.
— Marta Rocatin, previous coworker at Power Athletics
I hired Julia to create my wedding invites, tables numbers and seating chart. She ended up creating a wonderfully personal and beautiful vision for our wedding that reflected our love story and style. Her work far exceeded any of the other wedding designs I had seen and was completely original and tailored to us. Her expertise is only exceeded by her passion for art and design, including her incredible calligraphy work, which added such an elegant touch to our invitations and hand written envelopes. I would 100% recommend her services to any Bride and Groom looking to personalize their wedding.
— Meghan O'Callaghan, Art Curator & Bride 2019
Julia is one of the most creative designers I know. Her mural and lettering work is so meticulous and yet so full of life. As a photographer, I always really enjoy collaborating with her because she sees the world from such a unique perspective. Working with her is always a treat! Looking forward to collaborating in the future on new and exciting projects! !
— Amanda Soriano, Wedding Photographer
Julia’s passion for design shows in her desire to explore and push the boundaries of aesthetic and execution. She is the kind of designer that can develop a large-scale concept and also ensure every minute detail is executed perfectly.
— Abhishek Chaudhry, previous coworker at Clark Stanley